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Marwood Group Ltd supplies a series of 3 panel types (available in 2 heights) that combine quickly and easily to create a shutter for pouring a concrete surround for pre-cast manhole rings. Marwood Group Ltd manhole shutters feature integrated lifting points and are connected using a simple pin and wedge system to form shutters for internal ring diameters ranging from 675mm to 2700mm.

Marwood Tip! All retaining clips and pins must be connected. When using the larger sizes to retain high volumes of concrete, additional support must be provided to the exterior of the shuttering. Failure to add additional support could lead to the shuttering bursting.
  • Provided in 2 heights, 900mm & 1800mm
  • Manhole shutters ranging from 675mm to 2700mm
  • Nominal concrete surround of 150mm
  • Shutters are supplied in sections
  • Designed that each set for manhole rings over 1200mm diameter will adjust to accommodate several smaller sizes (see table below).


 Internal Diameter of manhole       A       B       C
 675mm      2       1       –
 900mm      2      2       –
 1050mm      3       –       1
 1200mm      3      1       –
 1350mm      3       2       –
 1500mm      4       –       1
 1800mm      4       2       –
 2025mm      5       1       –
 2100mm      5       1        1
 2400mm      6       –       –
 2700mm      6      2       –