Safety (Alsipercha System)

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Safety System designed to prevent falls from height during decking for horizontal form work operation.

This is a ‘0’ factor fall arrest system that is particular used on perimeters. It provides total safety when placing: decking panels, edge protection, slab edges, stop ends and generally all situations that may arise during form working process, where there is risk of a fall from height.

It is easy to assemble and use. No external assembly accessories are required.

  • Complies to EN-795 Class B
  • It allows the worker to safely cover a surface area of up to 125m2 and a radius of 6.5m around the column
  • Metallic frame is an inverted ‘L’ shaped 2.5m long horizontally and 4.3m long vertically (this reduces to 3.5m in height once it is inserted into the column)
  • 80kg metallic structure, made of the highest quality steel (42-46 kg/mm2 elasticity limit, 61-67 kg/m2 breakage limit)
  • Length of retractable mechanism, restraint lanyard and safety harness available upon request
  • 850mm long cast-in steel conical tube
  • Moved by crane
  • Has a wide range of accessories that allows it to be situated at any point on the job, providing total safety at all times
  • The system has been designed for columns spaced at up to 8.5m intervals.(it is imperative that the hook accessory is used, on such column spacing)
  • The vertical height from ground level to the top of triangle gantry is about 5.594m