Vee Concrete Block

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The Vee™ Interlocking block is an incredibly versatile product that will excel in the most demanding of applications and for security purposes. They were originally designed to provide radiation shielding. The blocks interlock with each other using a unique ‘V’ system along the base, sides and top giving incredible strength and stability.

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No special foundations are required, just firm and level ground or a concrete pad.

The block measures 610mm square in cross section. B1 blocks are the standard type of block and are identified by having a V-shaped groove (female) on the bottom and one end of the block, and V-shaped projections (male) on the top and opposite end of the block. The direction of build is the direction in which the male projections should be pointing when assembling the wall.


Type of Block B1 B1 B1 B1
Length 1830mm 1525mm 1220mm 915mm
Width 610mm 610mm 610mm 610mm
Height 610mm 610mm 610mm 610mm
Approx weight 1600kg 1333kg 1067kg 533kg

A full site specific risk assessment must be carried out prior to the deployment of the concrete barriers