Ground Protection

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TrakMats are light weight mats for tyred or rubber tracked vehicles up to 60 tonnes in weight.* They are easy to handle with hand cut-outs, will not rot or absorb water, are flexible so don’t break and have connector holes for a range of options. Grip/surface profiles are designed to dispel mud whilst vehicles traverse and still give non-slip traction to the vehicle.

These panels can also be used in the landscaping, grave digging, sports facilities, flat roofing, events and amenities markets.

For single or light use these can be butted together or laid with a small overlap. For heavier use one or more of the connectors will be required.

TrakMat is a registered trade mark of SVE Portable Roadway Systems Inc.

* Dependant on Ground Conditions


Type       Single / Double Sided (TM4496)
Dimension          2440mm x 1130mm x 13mm
Weight                        35Kg