Hose Speed Reduction Ramp

Manufactured from heavy duty P.V.C. An ideal method of protecting a temporary cable or hose or reducing traffic speed. Should be laid as alternate black and yellow sections and bolted down.

Marwood Tip: Connectors for all ramps are recommended to stop separation and road creep and Approach with Minimum Speed.


  • Supplied as 500mm x 500mm x 70/75mm high sections ( Black yellow)
  • 48mm x 33mm aperture suitable for temporary cable protection
  • End caps available for permanent installation if required
  • 1mtr of ramp weights 30kg
  • Material composition: The ramp is composed of synthetic rubber (under layer) and natural rubber (upper layer, yellow part)
  • Allowable axial weight is 12.5 T or less

Additional product available upon request

  • Speed ramp end part 210mm x 500mm x 70/75mm ( Black)
  • Dog bone – connector
  • Cats eyes- supplied in sets 8 pcs
  • Bolts – supplied in sets 4 pcs/set