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The innovative design of the Kerbcone combines a traffic cone and a traffic kerb into one unit.

Sale Only

  • Ideal for vehicle and pedestrian system
  • Can be used for traffic management purpose
  • Stability in poor weather condition
  • High visibility
  • Moulded in recess for easy forklift or manual handling
  • Fitted as standard with a D2 prismatic sleeve manufactured to the latest BS and EN standards
  • Red and white available ex-stock, other colours are available upon request, however this will increase the price
  • Spacer unit makes this system exceptionally flexible for all locations


Description Cone Spacer Corner
Length 1000mm 1000mm 500mm
Height 750mm 220mm 750mm
Width 320mm 320mm 320mm
Weight 3.2kg 3.2kg 3.2kg