Mass Traffic Barrier System

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Multi Application Traffic Barrier System

Tested to current European standards which is suitable for use on low speed highways where vehicle speeds are restricted to 30mph. The base unit is a steel barrier consisting of hot dip galvanised elements, powder coated in highly visible safety colours. Individual base units are 1.5m long x 0.5m wide x 0.42m high and weigh 60/48kg. Each unit links together via vertical pins. The various top sections available can be added as specific jobs demand. Specially adapted units enable the system to rotate up to 90 degrees.

Vehicle Roll-on Roll-Off Stability: When an errant vehicle drives onto the base of the system, it helps to stabilise the barrier during impact.

Non Permanent Fixing: The high visibility base units are mounted unfixed to the road, with an anchorage at the terminal sections only. Terminal anchorage is achieved with a steel buffer filled with sandbags. No coring or drilling into the road is necessary.

  • Accommodates 90 degree bends
  • Anti-Climb Fencing
  • Anti-Vandalism Design
  • High Visibility
  • Increased Pedestrian Safety
  • Simple Assembly
  • Wind Resistant
  • Pedestrian Gate & Post available

Top sections can also be added if required which are charged as extra items, please ask for details.

NOTE: For the Traffic Barrier System to be BS EN1317 T2 W5 (49.7 mph) compliant, the system requires an additional tube on top to secure the whole system. (Tube is not available with hire option, Sale only) 

Base Unit Specifications

Description  Base Unit  Pedestrian Guard Panel  Site Guard  Panel   Vis Guard Panel   Corner Unit Terminator
Length 1.5m               1.5m            3m         1.5m        1.5m        N/A
Width 0.5m               N/A           N/A         N/A        0.5m        N/A
Height 0.42m               1.01m          1.98m        1.01m        0.42m        1.5m
Weight 48/60kg               11kg           35kg         14kg        60kg        30kg