Concrete Safety Barrier / V28

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The V28’s are highly regarded high strength concrete (50N/mm2) which, combined with approved steel reinforcing, means that the barriers meet the requirements of EN 1317 ‘Compliant Road Restraint Systems for Temporary Safety Barriers’. The universal system comprises of intermediate and terminator units. The symmetrical section allows intermediate units to be inverted and thereby suitable for both verge and central use.

  • Effective deterrent for unwanted visitors
  • To create a safe working area for your workforce.
  • Can be readily repositioned giving a high degree of flexibility
  • To provide support flood defences
  • Protecting pedestrians from traffic
  • Providing traffic barriers / bases for secure fencing to be fixed to (particularly useful for large public events)
  • Preventing un-authorised access to forecourts, car parks, fields and site compounds
  • Helping direct traffic flows safely
  • As counterweights, kentledge for scaffolding, fencing, cranes, etc
Marwood Tip! In some circumstances, Marwood are able to offer an installation service. Ask your local Marwood depot for details.
Containment Level Test Vehicle    Test Speed Angle Test Deflection Working Width
           N1 1500kg car 50mph/80kph 20deg       0.36m        W3
           N2 1500kg car 70mph/110kph 20deg       0.39m


Type Intermediate Terminator
Height 800mm 150/800mm
Width 450mm 450mm
Effective Length 3000mm 3000mm
Overall Length 3150mm 3075mm
Weight 2500kg 1570kg