Wooden Baulk Timber

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Used for such tasks as traffic demarcation and protection around the base of scaffolding, Baulk Timber comes in random lengths. It is not usual for this type of timber to be graded. Whilst every effort is made to supply a customers exact requirements, when timber is being hired it may be necessary to amend the order according to lengths available.

Marwood Tip! Timber can be supplied painted red and white if requested at an additional cost (painted three sides). Timber Dogs can also be supplied as a Sale Item Only to join the lengths of timber together.
  • 300mm x 300mm x 6000mm
  • 36kg/m (may vary slightly due to the fact it is a natural product)
  • Baulk timbers are ungraded or less then grade C16
  • They are usually used in the following sectors:- Land & water services, Civil engineering, Scaffolding industry, Ground works industry