Road Plates (Airside)

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To enhance our existing range of Steel Road Plates we now stock Airside Specific Anti Skid Steel Road Plates. Manufactured to meet the demanding ‘Best Practices’ whilst airside at airports, the new Airside Steel Road Plate will meet and surpass any existing protocols that are in operation.

Each plate is 3m x 1.5m x 25mm in size with 4 No countersunk 25mm fixing holes situated in each corner. The edges are chamfered to a 45 degree angle to stop any aspect of sharp leading edges. The plate also comes with a retrofitted lifting point which is welded flush to the top surface but allows the plate to be lifted with a Swivel Action, Lock and Lift Yolk for the safe unloading/loading and positioning.

Each plate is coated with a Titanium Carbide coating which is then sealed with an anti glare epoxy paint system to form a very hard wearing anti skid surface suitable for vehicular traffic, pedestrians and airframes.  Unlike standard anti skid paint or Bauxite chippings, the Titanium Carbide coating will not flake or degrade reducing any risk of Foreign Object Damage (FOD).

The Swivel Action, Lock and Lift Yolk device is also available from your nearest depot and is used in conjunction with a drop chain.

Marwood Group Ltd does not provide any data on loading and deflection the plate can take and withstand. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the stability of this product, especially to support the load when bridging a void. If in doubt, customers must contact their structural engineers before hiring/buying the plate

  • The aeroplane logo denotes this as ‘fit for Air-side use on airports’
  • Middle rectangular size hole is 35mm x 60mm
  • Steel plate grade: Grade s275JR
  • Unique Marwood plant number for traceability
  • The Antiskid is anti glare and non friable.
  • Approximate weight 835kg
  • Unlike other coatings, the nature of the surfacing means it will not come off in flakes or chips that would present a hazard to both personnel and equipment if it were subjected to jet blast or explosion. (No risk of Foreign object debris (FOD))




Dimensions Weight
3000m x 1500mm x 25mm 835kg