Concrete Barrier 3.5m

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The 3.5m Spengler  Concrete Crash Barrier System is a system with a H1 impact level and W7 working width which has been tested in accordance with DIN EN 1317-2. It has also been tested by MIRA UK to containment levels N1 and N2 and working width W3 and W5 respectively. The system is used as a free standing and permanent system without any backing.

Safety Tip! The installation must be carried out in accordance with the test certificate and manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the specified impact level is achieved.
  • The weight of each concrete barrier is approximately 2400kg
  • Reflectors are available upon request.
  • Site fencing panel (3500mm x 1800mm) can also be used in conjunction with the concrete barrier. Bottom fence rail is securely fixed to the top of the barrier with 2 x 20mm diameter holding down bolts fitted to the 20mm sockets cast into the barrier at manufacture stage.
  • The total height of the system will be 2610mm.
  • A minimum length of 25m of barriers is required before and after controlled area for safe entry/exit.


Length 3500mm
Width 610mm
Height 810mm
Weight 2400kg

Tested successfully by BASt & MIRA to DIN EN 1317 – 2  

 Test  BASt  MIRA
 Containment level  H1  N1  N2
 Working Width  W7  W3 W5
 ASI value  B  A     C
 Test length  77m  77m
 Test no.

97 7E 12 – 98 7E 20

98 7E 05 – 98 7E 19

09 – 1022849

09 – 1022850