Ground Excavation (Trench Box)

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A fast, safe and economic method of providing trench safety in excavations up to a maximum depth of 4m.

Marwood Tip! Marwood recommend the use of a 6.7 tonne 4 leg chain sling for assembly and positioning as shown.
  • Ground Force/Trench Shore: 20 kN/mpanel resistance  SWL and can be used for depths of up to 4m in suitable soils
  • MGF: 40 kN/m2  panel resistance SWL and can be used for depths of up to 4m in suitable soils
  • MGF clearance under lower strut – 900mm
  • Easily handled by most  small sized excavators using a 4 leg lifting chain
  • Quick fit strut system
  • Strut sizes should be selected to create an internal box width to match the excavator bucket being utilised
  • Struts widths available: 600-800mm, 800-1200mm, 1300-2000mm
  • Edge Protection System available ask for details
  • Round Strut Socket type available on request (limited stock)



Description Base Unit    Base Unit Top Unit Top Unit
Dimensions 2850mm x 2000mm 3000 x 2000mm 2500mm x 1100mm 3000mm x 1000mm
Weight 1540kg 1692kg 938kg 1018kg
Socket Type Square Struts Square Struts Square Struts Square Struts
Struts Required 4 4 4 4
Strut Pins & R-Clips 12 12 6 6
Connector Pins & Clips N/A N/A 4 4