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Marwood’s new Stairways offer safe work access for a number of problem situations including civil engineering projects, between floors on RC frame contracts or on motorway and railway embankments.

The stairway system is made of square galvanised steel hollow profiles (inner width is 700mm). The steps are made of slip proof coarse-meshed expanded metal.  Available in six lengths which can be safely connected to each other.

Each stairway includes two handrails which adjust to the inclination of the stairway. The treads remain in a horizontal position regardless of the inclination of the stairway.

Marwood Tip: Stairways can provide temporary safe working access to the back of lorries and trenches, do not exceed 21 unsupported steps stairways. When the stairways are fully supported e.g. on an embankment there is no limit to the amount of steps that can be  joined together, although consideration must be given to securing the stairways to avoid any movement.
****A risk assessment must be completed before any work is carried out ****
  • Corrosion resistant being galvanised steel
  • May be used as individual stairs or joined together for longer reach
  • A maximum number of 21 steps can be achieved by interlocking 18 steps to 3 steps (see notes above in red, Marwood Tip)
  • Total width is 800mm
  • Two people can easily erect the stairways system on site
  • Easily pre-assembled to required length
  • Treads can be replaced if damaged
  • Assembly instruction plate on the stairways
  • Can be used anywhere where temporary access is needed from one level to another
  • May be used in trenches (suitable stable ground must be present)
  • Now available with trailer bracket which is required when attached onto a vehicle (please call for more details)


No of steps 3 6 9 12 15 18
Length of stairway 1.03m 1.84m 2.65m 3.46m 4.27m 5.08m
Weight incl 2 handrails 43kg 67kg 91kg 115kg 143kg 170kg