20, 45 and 90 litre oil and fuel spill kits available along with other prevention, containment and clean up ancillaries. These items will enable you to comply with the regulations to demonstrate your responsibility to safeguard the environment.

Sale Only

Options Available – Please call your local depot for more details.

  • 50Ltr Shoulder Bag Chemical Spill Kit
  • 20Ltr Spill Kit-Clip/Close Bag (General Purpose)
  • 100Ltr Spill Kit-Wheeled Bin (Oil & Fuel)
  • 20 Ltr Spill Kit-Clip/Close Bag (Oil & Fuel)
  • 50 Ltr Spill Kit-Shoulder Bag (Oil & Fuel)
  • 90 Ltr Spill Kit-Plastic Drum (Oil & Fuel)
  • 255 Ltr Spill Kit-Wheeled Bin (Oil & Fuel)