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Standard Rubbish Chute is an ideal way of transferring debris and rubble from the various levels of any building or structure to a builders skip.   Installed onto a scaffold or if no scaffold available, a simple ‘H’ frame should be used at a window opening or roof parapet. Standard Rubbish Chute consists of the following five basic components:

Sale Only

Standard plastic module: This item is the main component of all assemblies. Each unit is 1m effective working length and comes complete with two fixing / support chains.

Plastic side entry hopper: This unit enables the user to construct a multi-entry chute in order that debris can be placed in the chute at various floor levels.

Plastic side entry hopper liner: The item fits inside the hopper and a flap controls the flow of debris from the level above while allowing further debris to be safely added at the lower level.

Optional Extras

  • Universal Scaffold Frames & Steel Rope & Fixing Hoop (Sale Only)

Safety Tip: The use of ‘y’ section is not recommended due to blockages.


Description Standard Chute Standard Hopper
Height 1100mm 1100mm
Diameter 500mm 650mm
Diameter (bottom) 400mm 400mm