Ground Excavation Plastic Trench Sheet

A low-cost alternative to steel trench sheets that can be used during the civil engineering construction of bridges, tunnels, drainage systems, manholes & utility sector. 

The unique corrugated design provides additional strength and it is much lighter and easier to handle and therefore cheaper to transport.

Sale Only

  • UPVC also eliminates the risk of sparking.
Density 1.44 to 1.45
Weight per metre 2.4kg/m
Tensile strength 44 N/mm2
Impact (Charpy) 14kJ/m2
UV stable Yes
Moment of inertia 629 cm2
Max moment-utility 7.44 kN.m/m
Section modules 186 cm2
Modules of elasticity 2400 N/MM2
PVC K value 68
Vicat softening point 80 0C