Assists protection of your winter poured concrete. Made from closed cell expanded polythyene foam these blankets are hardwearing and reusable.

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Standard Tests Methods: ISO 1798/DIN 53571, ISO 3386/1 DIN 53577, ISO 1856/C DIN 53572, ISO 1663 & ASTM C-177.

Sizes available 60m x 1.85m x 8mm & 75m x 1.5m x 7mm

  • Good thermal insulation (0.038 thermal conductivity)
  • Hard wearing and reusable
  • Very low water absorption
  • Operating temperature range -40oC to +90oC

Please order early for winter


Tensile strength longitudinal 280kPa
Tensile strength transverse 250kPa
Elongation at break longitudinal 100%
Elongation at break transverse 105%
Compressive strength longitudinal 25% – 43kPa
Compressive strength transverse 50% – 100kPa
Compression set 1/2hr Recovery – 13% / 24hr Recovery -6%
Thermal conductivity -0.038W/mk
Water vapour transmission -23ug/(m2s)
Water absorption -<1% volume