Wooden Pipeline Mats (Ekki)

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These mats are suitable for all rubber tyred vehicles and should be laid to form a single track of either three or five metre width. As a guide only these mats may be used to support evenly distributed weights of up to 21 tonnes for 3 mtr mats and 35 tonnes for 5 mtr mats depending on ground conditions on site.

The customer must have a site inspection done on the ground conditions with another recommended inspection before the application intended. A Site visit can be arranged if required but we can only ever make a recommendation in good faith based on experience.

Due to their density, Ekki Mats do not float and are therefore suitable if required for use in a tidal situation.

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  • Pipeline Mat 3m x 1m x 70mm (252kg)
  • Pipeline Mat 5m x 1m x 70mm (420kg)
  • Light Duty Mat 5m x 1m x 150mm (981kg)
  • Heavy Duty Mat 6m x 1m x 200mm (1440kg)


Volume mass
1080 (kg/m3)
Elasticity module
17 (N/MM2)
Flexibility strength
180 (N/mm2)
Pressure strength
95 (N/mm2)
Slide strength
14 (N/mm2)
Durability class
Strenght classification grade