These skips are used for general site clearance or muck removal. The main advantage of this type of skip is the comparatively low loading height compared to a conventional muck skip. The lifting bale automatically locks when lifted, this enables the crane driver to manoeuvre and tip the skip without the need for a second operator. Bale support fingers are only engaged when the bale is disconnected from the crane.

Safety Tip! The use of a 1mtr Drop Chain is recommended to minimise any possible risk of damage to the lifting frame caused by the connection of the crane hook.


Capacity  1000ltr  1500ltr  2000ltr  4000ltr
Height to rim  656mm  705mm  790mm  1285mm
Overall Width including bale  1385mm  1550mm  1700mm  1970mm
Overall Length with bale up  2000mm  2300mm  2450mm  2620mm
Overall Length with bale down  2550mm  2780mm  3000mm  3530mm
Overall Height including bale  1515mm  1555mm  1645mm  1970mm
Unladen Weight  314kg  448kg  507kg  1000kg
Safe Working Load  2600kg  4000kg  5300kg  8000kg
All up Weight  2914kg  4448kg  5807kg  9000kg