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The TVCB Lifter is made of high quality and galvanised steel. Every Lifting System is individually tested and is supplied with a unique certificate. The special design of the lifter ensures a tight and safe connection to the anchor embedded in the concrete barrier. The shackle fits the hemispherical cavity created by recess former perfectly. Under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) the anchors are considered to be part of the load, these anchors must be inspected before each lift by a competent person.

The lifter has been exclusively designed to be compatible with only the Elite Vee Interlocking Concrete Block (sale only) and the new V28 Concrete Safety Barrier.

The TVCB Lifter has been designed so that it cannot spontaneously disengage whilst the system is under load at any orientation, provided they are connected to the head of the correct anchor in the recess. When the lift is complete and the load released, the lifter is quickly and simply disengaged from the anchor.


Axial capacity load 5000kg
Self weight 3.8kg