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A powerful cordless vacuum lifting device for dense stone or concrete slabs and blocks. Self contained unit powered by a long lasting rechargeable 12v battery.

Safety Tip! Use of a Drop Chain is recommended.

Please Note: The carring capacities are values at 500 mbar low pressure.

  • Automatic control system re-starts pump after pressure loss
  • Built in power saving control unit and battery charge indicator
  • Flashing safety lamp for low pressure warning
  • Integral suspension point for connection to lifting device
  • Long lasting suction plate seals
  • Quick change interchangeable suction plate
  • Weight without any suction plate is approx 38kg
  • Heavy duty construction


Model SM200 SM400
Carring Capacity 200kg 400kg
Weight 8.0kg 9.5kg
Suction Plate Size 580 x 280 750 x 260