Manhole Cover Lifter (Special Offer)

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The unit is designed to allow a single person to safely remove and replace a variety of manhole, duct and trench covers. The effort required to manually operate the equipment is minimal.

The device will fold into a compact unit making it easy to store and transport,the pivoting bearer beam allows the lid to remain horizontal during the removal and replacement process.

Available with a variety of lifting keys for use with most manhole covers, how ever should you have a specific key requirement then this can be easily manufactured and supplied. The wheels are 260mm in diameter with pneumatic tyres allowing the device to be travelled across a gravelled surface.

Sale Only
  • Comes complete with a test certificate to lift W.L.L.125kg
  • Its unique pivoting bearer beam, allows everything to be lifted vertically, and stay level.
  • One man operation, easy to use and is very portable
  • Available with extending bar
  • Lightweight unit only 33kg
  • CE Certified.