Lifting (Kassel Kerb Lifter)

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Kassel / Offset Kerb Lifter

The FTZ-uni 15 and the FTZ-BB are designed to enable Kassel type kerbs to be lifted into position maintaining a level lift. Also suitable for other products where an offset lifting position is required to maintain balance.

  • Lifting ring adjustable for offset to maintain balance ensuring an even lift
  • Automatic release on changeover from full to empty
  • Replacement Gripper bars
  • Easily adjustable for opening width


Product Name Kassel FTZ-BB Kassel FTZ-uni 15
Opening Width 50-460mm 50-775mm
Inside Height 290mm 225mm
Gripper Lenght 420mm 420mm
Carrying Capacity 900kg 1500kg
Dead Weight 67kg 85kg