Forklift Bottom Discharge Skip

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Designed to save time and improve safety, suitable for most forklifts and ideal for use on construction sites without cranage facility.

When fitted with castors these units become a practical way of removing site waste from the inside of buildings etc.

  • Centre of gravity in closed position on ground fork face fully engaged: 600 mm
  • Comes with set of 4 batch tested lifting lugs
  • CE marked
  • Comes with feet as standard (castors 4 x 150mm model available upon request)
  • Painted in Post Office Red as standard
  • Comes with double hook locking mechanism
  • Comes with auto fork lock mechanism that requires manual release


Description Semi-Auto Fully-Auto Semi-Auto Fully-Auto
Capacity 1000lts 1000ltrs 1500lts 1500ltrs
Length 1158mm 1272mm 1158mm 1272mm
Height with feet 1023mm 924mm 1220mm 1124mm
Width 1854mm 1854mm 2161mm 2161mm
Weight 340kg 360kg 415kg 438kg
S.W.L 1000kg 1000kg 1000kg 1000kg
Centre of gravity 434mm 436mm 556mm 554kg