Crane Stretcher Cages

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This equipment is designed as a safe, secure method for transporting immobilised injured personnel with an attendant, from any high structure or deep excavation. Especially useful in any situation where the only alternative is for a stretcher to be man handled up or down ladders or stairs.

Manufactured with a single 1/2 height entry / exit door located in one end of the cage, the roof section has a solid infill panel to the centre. This form of construction allows the machine operator and banks man the best possible vision of the situation within the cage.

The cage comes complete with a four leg chain set attached to the main lifting lugs. This chain set is rated to give a ratio of 8 to 1.


Height from bottom to lifting eyes 2225mm
Overall length 2585mm
Main frame height 1997mm
Width of cage including lifting eyes 962mm
Width of cage excluding lifting eyes 862mm
Height from cage floor to half height harness rail 1108mm
Unladen weight (approx) 565kg
Total operational weight 805kg
Maximum permissible load 2 persons 240kg
Load on crane hook 8.05kg