American white oak is more variable in colour, ranging from pale yellow-brown to pale reddish-brown, often with a pinkish tint. The multi-seriate rays are generally higher than those of the red oaks producing a more prominent and attractive silver grain figure on quarter-sawn surfaces. The grain is generally straight, and the texture varies from coarse to medium coarse.

American red oak varies in colour from pink to pale reddish-brown, there is usually a reddish cast to the wood although sometimes it approaches white oak in colour. The large rays do not produce such an attractive figure as they do in white oak, and generally speaking, the wood is coarser in texture. The quality of red oak depends greatly on growth conditions, northern red oak.

  • Idea for light to medium traffic use.
  • Can be used as a temporary roadway on construction sites.
  • Each mat has 1 lifting points per side (2 in total per mat)
  • Mats are being made with 5 to 7 beams per mat.
  • Marwood Lorry can transport approximately 20 oak mats.


Description Oak, American white Oak, American red
Wood type Hardwood Hardwood
Botanic name Quercus virginiana L Quercus rubra Du Roy
Approx weight per mat 500kg 500kg
Volume mass 1000kg/m3 1000kg/m3
Elasticity module 12200N/mm2 12500N/mm2
Flexibility strength 104N/mm2 98N/mm2
Pressure strength 51N/mm2 46N/mm2
Slide Strength 13.7N/mm2 12.2N/mm2