Muck Tipping Skip

Normally used for muck removal or general site rubbish clearance. Once the bale support fingers are disengaged the skip becomes self tipping.

All Muck Tipping Crane Skips are fitted with additional security locking pins to the bale support fingers. For added security larger sizes are fitted with bale support fingers to both sides of the skip.

Marwood Tip! The tipping operation can be difficult if the skip is only part full.
Safety Tip! The use of a 1mtr Drop Chain is recommended to minimise any possible risk of damage to the lifting bale caused by the direct connection of the crane hook.


Capacity 100ltrs 200ltrs 500ltrs 1000ltr 1500ltrs 2000ltrs
Overall Width inc fingers 687mm 990mm 1235mm 1530mm 1810mm 1930mm
Height to top of rim (not inc fingers) 555mm 680mm 910mm 1070mm 1270mm 1450mm
Lifting Point 25mm 30mm 40mm 50mm 30mm 30mm
Overall Height 800mm 1085mm 1390mm 1720mm 2085mm 2250mm
Unladen Weight 42kg 80kg 155kg 364kg 500kg 635kg
SWL 260kg 520kg 1300kg 2600kg 4050kg 5300kg