Wooden Eucalyptus Crane Mats

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Hardwood mats, designed to provide ground protection and temporary roadway access for rubber-tyred vehicles.

  • Strong, Light and sustainable.
  • Marwood Group Ltd recommends that traffic over the Eucalyptus Mat must be kept at a safe and low speed as per the site-specific risk assessment. This will also minimise any physical damage to the mat
  • The use of appropriate and suitable ramps is recommended to provide a smooth transition from the ground to the mat, this will also minimise damage to the edge of the mat
  • Two-lifting points present must only be used to lift the mat
  • The allowed maximum load per mat is subject to the ground conditions

Sale Only

Site visit can be arranged if required but can only ever make a recommendation in good faith


Type EUCAL-80 EUCAL-150 EUCAL-200
Length 5000mm 5000mm 5000mm
Width 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
Height 80mm 150mm 200mm
Approx weight 317kg 650kg 850kg
Allowed maximum load per mat 35000kg 60000kg 75000kg
Artic Artic 44T-88 Artic 44T-43 Artic 44T-32 Rigid
Rigid 26T (no crane) -56 26T (no crane) -27 26T (no crane) -21