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Column skips are designed to allow concrete to be poured into columns or shuttering with narrow or difficult access and then discharged at low level, reducing the risk of aggregate separation. Concrete is then discharged through a shutter into a fitted hopper on which the outlet terminates as a 200mm diameter tube. There is provision to fit a flexible 2.5m or 5m heavy duty rubber hose (Sale Only).

The design allows the operator to control the flow of materials from ground level by a rope connected to the shutter handle. In order to maintain the lowest possible loading height, the skip is laid horizontal to load but automatically reverts to a vertical position when in use.

Safety Tip! The use of a 1mtr Drop Chain is recommended to minimise any possible risk of damage to the lifting frame caused by the connection of the crane hook.


Capacity 500ltr 1000ltr 1500ltr 2000ltr
Unladen Weight 320kg 327kg 535kg 600kg
Overall Height incl Bale 2927mm 2996mm 3230mm 3555mm
Loading Height 747mm 890mm 1041mm 1153mm
Overall Width 1172mm 1390mm 1638mm 1782mm
SWL 1300kg 2600kg 4000kg 5300kg