Wooden Bamboo Composite Mat

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The Bamboo Composite Mat is engineered from laminated veneer Bamboo which is a grass. These mats have been designed to overcome some of the natural limitations of timber. The panels in the design maximize the inherent flexibility of bamboo, allowing them to bend on uneven ground.

The Bamboo Composite Mat is stronger and less susceptible to breakage. The product retains less than 10% water, compared to at least 30% moisture retention with traditional hardwood. This means that transportation costs between applications are a fraction of those with timber road systems.

  • Bamboo Composite Mat is perfect for rubber-tyred or rubber-tracked vehicle.
  • Marwood Group Ltd also recommends that traffic over the Bamboo Composite Mat must be kept at a safe and low speed as per the site-specific risk assessment. This will also minimise any physical damage to the mat.
  • Marwood Group Ltd highly recommends the use of appropriate and suitable ramps to provide a smooth transition from the ground to the mat. This will also minimise damage to the edge of the Bamboo Composite Mat.
  • The four-lifting points present must only be used to lift the mat.
  • The mat must not be used for bridging purposes.
  • The allowed maximum load per mat is subjected to the ground conditions.

Site visit can be arranged if required but can only ever make a recommendation in good faith


Type BBC60
Length 3902mm
Width 2210mm
Height 68mm
Approx weight 545kg
Allowed maximum load per mat 50000kg
No of layers 3 (20mm-23mm each)
Artic 44T-50
Rigid 26T (no crane) -30